Surgery Update

So I wanted to update everyone on my second surgery, which is a week from Friday. It turns out that I will, in fact, be getting two of the new processors from Cochlear.

I mentioned these in passing a few posts ago and basically, at the time of that post, we weren't sure if I was going to get only one of the new processors or not. But the FDA approved them so now I am getting two for sure!!!

These babies are 40% smaller and have better speech recognition as well as a remote and better resistance to water.... I can,t wait to not have that huge thing on my ears... although lets not kid ourselves, these big ol' ears could hold anything. It will just be nice to not have all that weight.

Oh, and I guess the new internal implant is supposed to be easier to implant with a lot less possibility for damage to the ear.

Here is a link to quickly read about the whole thing, only a few paragraphs long and some closer pics of the processor and remote.

Check out this link for information about the New Processor

Here is a pic of the new one verses the old one. The round coil that sticks to my head is the same size in both pictures (at least I believe it is) so you can definitely tell the size difference.

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  1. Wow! These are amazing, very techy & I love the name, Nucleus 5. Oh-so sleek & stylish :)

    Look forward to learning more about these snazzy new processors!