The Great And Wonderful Blumes!

So my Aunt Phoebe and her two boys, Nolan and Wyatt, came to visit the other day. It was cool to see them. We went to the park and played, and I ate some (all) of their snacks!

Nolan and Wyatt are giants compared to me. Imagine you are standing there and all of a sudden Yao walks up next to you. Even if you are six foot two you have to crane your neck to get a look at his face, and then all you see is his chin anyway. I don't care how tall you are, around Yao or the Blume Boys you feel very very short....

This is my expression as I looked up at the giants..."how old are you guys?"

The one on the left is Wyatt, the one on the right Nolan... Can you tell which one is older? Or which one is taller? And would you believe me if I told you that Nolan is at least a year and a half younger? Yea, me either.

Auntie Phoebe!  Actually she will probably kill me for this, but we get a lot of visitors from all around the world here so the blog is a good place to give my friends out there a plug for whatever they happen to be working on. My auntie is releasing her first album. Check her music out on her website at Phoebe Blume.com
and if you like it pick up her album "The Homing Beasts"

For some reason I get a lot of traffic from Germany, Switzerland, the UK, and Italy (and of course all around the US) so I hope you dont mind being an international superstar!


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